IAB native advertising playbook summary poster

Last year, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and its Native Advertising Task Force has released the “IAB Native Advertising Playbook” to establish a common industry language, evaluation framework and disclosure principles for native advertising. In order to simplify the understanding of the various native ad units and their characteristics, my6sense, a white-label programmatic native advertising platform provider for ad networks, demand/supply providers, and exchanges, have created a poster that summarizes the IAB’s native advertising playbook.

The infographic poster focuses on four main native ad unit types out of the six types included in the playbook:

  • In-feed ads – a single native ad presented in the publisher’s content well, which is linked to a page within the site, like any editorial story, or off of the site to content, editorial content, or brand’s landing page.
  • Recommendation widgets – multiple native ads presented inside a widget within the publisher’s content well. Offers a mix between internal recommendations, content exchange, and promotional content.
  • Promoted listings – these ads are found on sites that typically do not have a traditional editorial content well. Promoted listings are designed to look identical to the products or services offered on a given site.
  • In-Ad (IAB Standard) with native element units – A single native ad, placed inside a standard IAB container. The conformance to the display ads standard ensures compatibility with current programmatic systems.

The Native Advertising Playbook poster is available for download, contact info@my6sense.com for your copy.


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