The Year In Media: Founder Stories – Avinoam Rubinstein of My6Sense

My6sense is a native advertising platform that enables ad networks and media companies to build their own customized ads for mobile and web content. The company was founded by Avinoam Rubinstein, a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He was previously CEO of Atrica (acquired by Nokia), and GM at NiceCom.

We sat down with Avinoam to learn about his company’s startup journey.

Tell us about your company’s beginnings. What did you see (or not see) in the market that led you to launch?

We established my6sense because we believed that digital platforms are best suited to provide users with personalized and relevant content. With the advancements driven by machine learning technology, including our own Digital Intuition® advanced machine learning algorithms and optimization engine, we’re even closer to realizing our technology-driven vision of enabling publishers to offer the right content to the right users at the right time.

Specifically, my6sense’s technology learns user behaviors, publisher patterns, and context in order to match the content with the user. Our Digital Intuition® technology is able to offer users content which is both more relevant and more personal. This enables publishers and supply partners to generate greater revenue as marketers benefit from higher engagement rates.

What were some of the biggest challenges that your team faced at zero stage?

As an engineer, the biggest challenge is always getting the technology right. Once the technology works, everything else falls into place because if you build it ‘right’, they really do come.

Digital publishing is a dynamic market which has evolved over the years, and today, we apply our AI and machine learning technology for our White Label Programmatic Native Ad Platform and Exchange, which enables more than 100 ad serving and media group clients to improve performance and user experience through better optimization, relevancy, and personalization of their native content and ads.

Let’s look at the science behind your product. What makes it different from other offerings in this space?

What sets my6sense apart among the native programmatic solutions is that ours is the only offering which is a fully programmatic native exchange solution for multi-item native ad units with comprehensive organic content recirculation. Only my6sense enables our clients and partners to mix a recommendation widget, like Outbrain or Taboola offer, with any in-feed, in-ad or other custom native unit with any number of ads and units on a given page. And our Digital Intuition® machine learning technology further differentiates our solution by enabling better matching of content to users, resulting in better user engagement metrics for marketers and greater revenue for our supply side partners.

The my6sense white label programmatic native solution provides hierarchical business management tools for ad networks and media & publisher groups as well as comprehensive ad quality classifications and control, performance optimization and advanced policy rules. For our Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), my6sense offers a full native exchange with a built-in direct campaign manager for advertisers and ad-unit & yield manager for publishers. Our partners make use of my6sense’s flexible configurations, including a white labeled native ad network and exchange, owned managed private exchange for group publishers, and cross-network programmatically traded supply and demand.

How do you translate your brand’s message in a way that gets you heard above the noise?

A lot of companies pivot towards what’s hot, so when ‘native advertising’ become hot a couple of years ago, a lot of ad tech companies jumped on the native advertising bandwagon. My6sense’s initial technology was developed to serve more personalized and relevant content to users, so we already had technology which was optimized for native advertising. In that sense, my6sense is a company whose technology is ‘built for’ and not ‘pivoted into’ native advertising. And that’s why our focus is exclusively on native advertising today. This differentiation, coupled with the mix of native ad formats we enable our partners to run and the efficacy of our technology enables my6sense to stand out.

Let’s talk about brand values. What means the most to your company besides industry success?

What means the most to my6sense is satisfying the user/consumer.

We make money by recommending contextually relevant native advertising and content for marketers via our partners, but if users don’t find the content and ads our technology recommends relevant, interesting and engaging, they won’t click. And if they don’t click and engage, our partners will select different technology to power their native advertising and content.

Therefore, it all goes back to our ability to satisfy the user and in turn our customers and business partners.

There’s always been this rivalry between Silicon Valley and NYC in tech. What are some tangible benefits to being based in NYC?

For my6sense, there are two major benefits to being based in NYC. First, as an advertising technology company, New York City is the center of both the advertising and publishing industries which means that all of our prospective partners and customers are either based in NYC or have a large presence in town. The second major benefit for my6sense is that NYC is closer to Tel Aviv, where our R&D center is located, both in terms of time zones (7 hour difference versus a 10 hour difference between Israel and the West Coast) and in terms of the number and frequency of direct flights.

Name one place in your company’s NYC neighborhood (restaurant, cafe, etc) that you and your team just can’t live without.

Easy: Katz’s Deli. There is nothing else like it anywhere, and yet it’s quintessentially New York. It’s a little out of our neighborhood but worth the effort.

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