Empowering Brands, Media Companies and Publishers with Native Ad Technology that Scales to Meet their Needs

Business Challenge: 

Newsmax, a media company and highly ranked conservative TV channel, political website and app according to both Nielsen and comScore, knew that native advertising could provide the company with a growing stream of revenue across their thousand publishers and advertisers.

To grow their native advertising business and achieve its fullest potential, Newsmax sought a new native ad platform with the technology that could offer:

  • A comprehensive range of ad and content units including in-feed, in-ad, recommendation widgets with both images and video across desktop and mobile whose performance is optimized by machine learning technology
  • An easy-to-use self-service solution to support the thousand+ publishers and advertisers working with Newsmax, mostly via self-service functionality
  • Operational support including full technology support, custom development and billing integration
  • Full real-time tracking and reporting to enable continuous optimization

Newsmax wanted their new native ad technology platform to offer smooth migration from the old platform without any service down-time, migrating 1000+ current publishers and advertisers without interruption from the legacy to the newly selected native ad platform. The selected ad platform would support a fully integrated native programmatic marketplace offering a comprehensive range of new and legacy native ad and content unit widgets monitored and managed by an inclusive range of reports and fully integrated billing and payment solutions.


The main issues raised by Newsmax regarding their old native ad platform were as follows:

  • The technology was slow – ads were slow to load creating issues of latency and slow response times for publishers and advertisers when using the solution
  • A number of the ad unit widgets were broken and didn’t always load properly resulting in limited ad unit availability 
  • Integration issues with their billing system resulting in more manual work, ad down-time/lost revenue
  • Limited reporting which negatively impacted optimization resulting in less revenue
  • Lack of technical and operational support
  • The publisher and advertiser self-service functionality was not user-friendly 

At the conclusion of an extensive vetting process, Newsmax selected my6sense’s native advertising technology platform.


my6sense offers an open programmatic white label native advertising platform. As a white label ready-to-implement fully featured solution, the company offers out-of-the-box scalability and works with any business blueprint, supports all ad units and comes equipped with a suite of tools for full control and customization. Digital Intuition®, my6sense’s powerful patented optimization algorithm, provides advanced content personalization by optimizing the performance of both organic content and native ads. my6sense was recently named ‘Native Ad Platform of the Year’ by the Native Advertising Institute. The company offers scalability by interconnecting media groups and 3rd party demand and supply providers to an open programmatic RTB exchange.

The Solution:

The benefits of the my6sense platform are its full-stack native advertising technology and comprehensive functionality seamlessly integrated for providing the most flexible end-to-end solution to address any publisher need, with uncompromising performance, quality and user experience as showcased in the following video:

The solution includes:

  • Full white label configuration enabling the seamless roll-out of a native advertising service in just a few hours
  • Rich native widgets manager for publishers enables the fast design of any native display and native video ad and content unit across desktop and mobile, offering the broadest range of native units in the industry, plus header bidding and API support. my6sense’s internal research shows that a range of native ad units generates the best performance for publishers and advertisers alike. As described in the following PDF:
  • Powerful Digital Intuition® technology including patented AI and Machine Learning-based optimization engine ensures optimal performance, user experience and content quality with every native ad or content unit served
  • Combined native ad server and ad exchange provides a flexible mix of direct and 3rd party demand / supply (advertisers, publishers, DSPs, SSPs, custom feeds)
  • Self-serve easy-to-use interface for advertisers and publishers
  • End-to-end quality control, combining both manager’s review and classification options with integrated tools for vendors
  • Built-in direct campaign manager for advertisers, with automatic ad creation at scale and full advertiser toolset (preview, targeting, optimization, tracking, conversions, rich metrics)
  • Rich comprehensive data metrics, dashboard and reports optimized for publishers and other supply partners
  • Organic content recirculation support for all ad and content units with the programmatic exchange and overall platform functionality


Beyond the above listed functionality included in my6sense’s native ad technology platform, the company offered the following to Newsmax:

  • Going live within five weeks of signing the contract, including complete migration of 1000+ publishers and advertisers running over 1200 ad and content unit widgets across desktop and mobile via the new my6sense white label native ad platform
  • Newsmax revenue doubled within 6 months and is on-track to double again before 2020
  • Newsmax increased business-critical engagement metrics including Click-Through Rates (CTR) by more than 67% for campaigns from more than 500 advertisers running on over 1000 publishers
  • New adjustable ad and content unit widgets were designed according to Newsmax’s specific needs and requirements were live on launch day, easy-to- use for both publishers and advertisers and 100% operationally functional (previous widgets were bogged down by technical issues which resulted in lost revenue)
  • Complete and seamless integration with older native ad and content unit widgets so existing publishers and advertisers would request an older ad widget and be rerouted to my6sense’s servers and technology and could easily upload and run their ads
  • Beyond the self-service functionality, my6sense’s technology supports fixed position and other ads sold on a monthly basis by Newsmax’s sales and business development teams
  • Seamless operational integration with all 3rd party partners including ad serving platforms, billing software, payment processing vendors, etc.
  • Customized reports were produced that easily communicate the insights for fast decision making and campaign optimization
  • Ongoing and prompt support for all technical issues through a native ad platform which also reduced Newsmax’s overhead via better performance, fewer glitches and less downtime

“Five weeks after signing, my6sense’s team and technology delivered a comprehensive native ad platform that went live on all of Newsmax’s digital media channels. my6sense provided hundreds of native ad units – both legacy and new – which ran seamlessly across our 1000+ publishers and advertisers, many working via our self-service offering, without a glitch,” said Omar Rodriguez, Vice President of Business Development and Revenue, Newsmax. “Thanks to a seamless migration, improved operations, more automated processes, enhanced billing integration and superior reporting and support, Newsmax has already increased native ad revenue by more than 100% since January 2019 and is projected to continue increasing revenue through the year and beyond.”