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Media buyers leverage the my6sense demand-side platform (DSP) to manage their native advertising campaigns across multiple networks in one dashboard.

my6sense has programmatic access to 20+ premium networks, including:
Yahoo! Gemini

What is my6sense?

Prior to being founded in 2007, we were just like you – performance marketers and media buyers. Unimpressed with what was on offer, we took the initiative to create a platform advertisers needed. my6sense has accompanied the native advertising format on its exciting journey over the past 15 years, making us a seasoned veteran in this constantly evolving industry. Fast forward to today, my6sense is an award winning dsp integrated with all major native advertising networks through our state-of-the-art proprietary real-time bidder, allowing you to scale your campaigns faster than ever. Media buyers leverage our demand-side platform (DSP) to manage their native advertising campaigns across multiple networks in one place.


Create your campaign

Create a customized campaign tailored to your product in our easy to navigate backend. Our platform was created by advertisers, for advertisers.


Set your targeting

Target specific SSPs such as Outbrain, Taboola, Yahoo! Gemini, RevContent, MSN, Unruly, Google, Sovrn, PubMatic and more. Whitelist or blacklist specific sites, devices or browsers to increase ROAS.


Start bidding

Once approved, your campaign will begin bidding in our programmatic auction, monitor the results in real-time with our industry leading, easy to navigate reporting dashboard.

How does my6sense work?

Why use my6sense?

Time Saving

Gone are the days where you have to join each network individually and tally your spend across multiple networks, save time managing your campaigns in one simple, yet advanced reporting dashboard.


Bidding on over 15 billion daily global ad impressions, my6sense gives you access to 35+ supply-side platforms (SSP), revolutionizing native media buying without the need to overpay for increased volume.

Fraud Prevention

Utilizing multiple external fraud prevention systems aswell as our own proprietary fraud detection technology, my6sense performs multiple quality assurance checks on each impression to ensure we only bid on traffic that converts.

Superior Targeting

Whitelists, blacklists, placements, device fingerprinting, dayparting, frequency capping, auto-optimization rules – we've got it all... and more.

Transparent, real-time analytics

Our platform is completely transparent, meaning that you will be able to see which websites you are bidding on in real-time, in the time zone of your choice.

Conversion Optimization

Increase your ROAS using our conversion tracking technology, our system will automatically start to favor publishers generating the most leads for you.

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